►  About Dirty Liza:
I am submissive (but not completely) - and if you treat me nicely, I will show you a lot. I love to play with my toys - and I want to show you what I can do with them. ;)
 ►  Erotic interests of Dirty Liza:
submissive, fetish, genital piercing, fetish clothing, oral sex, outdoor, piercing, porn, swallowing, toys
 ►  Description of Dirty Liza:
Age: 45 / Pisces
Aus: Hamburg, Germany
Languages: German, English
Height / Body: 159cm sporty
Gender: female
Preferences: bisexual
Hair color: brown, long
Piercing: multiple
Bra size: 75 B
Complexion: tanned
Eye color: brown
Shave: fully shaved
Character: fair-minded, naughty, humorous, stanch, submissive
 ►  Hobbies of Dirty Liza:
Sex, fitness, roller blading, reading and shopping.

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